Aparat za kokice bez ulja

2,300.00 din.

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Klikom na dugme "Dodaj u korpu" ili pozivom na telefon 064/368-368-1

Sigurna kupovina

Sve proizvoda plaćate kuriru prilikom preuzimanja robe.
Mogućnost vraćanja artikla u roku od 14 dana ukoliko niste zadovoljni (Artikal mora biti nekorišćen, neoštećen i u originalnoj ambalaži)

Dostava pouzećem

Dostava na teritoriji republike Srbije u roku od 1-2 RADNA dana.
Isporuku vrši kurirska služba od 8 do 16h.

Opis proizvoda

  • Make Delicious Popcorn in Minutes: The One-key/button operation makes it exceptionally easy to make popcorn at home. Just put some corn kernels into the popping chamber, switch it on, and wait for 3 minutes and get 16 cups of crisp, fluffy, delicious theatre style oil-free popcorn.
  • Oil Free health Snack:Made with hot air – 100% oil-free snack maker makes lots of healthy snacks for the whole family
  • Premium Quality:The popping chamber is made of food-grade Aluminum Alloy, which contains no harmful chemical substances, the surface is made of BPA free and durable thermal-conduct ABS
  • Customize you Snack: Melted butter and salt makes it a traditional taste.Customize it the way you want, healthy or decadent, it’s up to you adding your favorite flavor.
  • Anti-Slip Base: Helps unit not to move while its working/on. Easy to use and clean.
    • Perfect popcorn maker for health conscious families
    • Plastic measuring lid scoop shoots popcorn directly into the bowl, removeable parts are dishwasher safe
    • No oil consumption, uses hot air, faster than microwave
    • 1200 watts of power
    • *VERY IMPORTANT* Use 1 measuring lid scoop per serving thats included with the popcorn maker once
  • Quick & Easy Operation
  • All snacks are Ready in 3 mins
  • Healthy Snacks Maker works on Hot Air, No need to Add Oil
  • Measuring Cup is Available for Ideal Quantity
  • Non-Slip Rubber Feet & Removable Cover