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Potopna pumpa – ATMAN-AT-304

1,340.00 din.
AT-304 max protok: 680/780l/h, max visina: 1,2m

ATMAN MP-20000 pumpa

23,990.00 din.
Water Pump Atman aquariums MP 20000
– Manufacturer: Atman
– Origin: China
– Water flow: 16500 l / h
– Push High: 7 m
– Power: 320W – Voltage: 220 / 240-50Hz 
  • Atman is the reliable pumps used to pump water efficiency, water supply to the filter, fish ponds, aquariums, waterfalls or fountains.
  • Save electricity
  • Perfect for the water supply to more than 10 meters distance.
  • There is a large primary filter chamber to protect the blades less contamination and premature wear.
  • Can suck the dirty particles up to 6 mm.
  • Ceramic shaft pumps for long life and low noise, suitable for freshwater pools, salt water.

Potopna pumpa -ATMAN- AT-306

2,720.00 din.
  • AT-306 max protok: 1800/1980l/h, max visina: 1,9m

Potopna pumpa -ATMAN- AT-305

1,870.00 din.
AT-305 max protok: 1100/1100l/h, max visina: 1,4m

Potopna pumpa – ATMAN-AT-303

1,170.00 din.
  • AT-303 max protok: 600/600l/h, max visina: 0,9m